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A HUGE thank you to all those who participated in surveys, open houses, and other community meetings. Your contributions were vital to the success of the TDP and your feedback provided the foundation for the final recommendations. 

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Project Overview

Project Overview 

The Rockdale TDP (transit development plan) will identify the transit needs and opportunities of the county to inform its future transit system investments. By aiding communities in developing a transit vision, the Rockdale TDP will evaluate transit alternatives that move the community closer to fulfilling its public transportation needs. This TDP will lay the foundation for partnerships to successfully address transit needs that best support the county’s continued growth and economic development. 

Planning for mobility is charting a lifeline that connects Rockdale to the Atlanta region’s activity centers, improves local circulation, and enhances economic opportunity. The TDP will provide Rockdale with a fresh perspective and a new opportunity to examine the impacts of transit improvements on lives — from the amount of time riders spend commuting and access to job opportunities and education to impacting health and wellness, reducing congestion, fostering economic development, and ensuring that Rockdale continues to be the preferred community where everyone thrives.


What are the key phases and goals of the Transit Development Plan?

The Transit Development Plan is a 12-month study consisting of the following key phases:


  • Evaluates current transportation conditions

  • Gauges current transportation needs through public and stakeholder engagement

  • Anticipates future mobility demands

  • Assesses opportunities for innovation in public transit

  • Creates a blueprint for short, medium, and long-term transit improvements in Rockdale

Project Schedule

project schedule

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